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Joe Lagana Is A Changed Man

When Joe Lagana was desperate to be re-elected in 2015, he tattooed himself as the tax cutting, economy growing legislator who will work across the aisle to get common sense things done for Bergen County. But in Trenton, Lagana votes with Senate Democrats 98% of the time. Votes to increase state government spending, increase taxes and implement more bureaucratic red tape that make it harder to do business here in New Jersey. Now Bergen County is feeling the pain of Joe Lagana's transformation.

On Friday, the Nabisco Plant in Fair Lawn closed its doors for good after 63 years. That's over 600 jobs that will be forever lost. All the while New Jersey’s unemployment continues to rise to 7.3%.

And what does Joe Lagana have to say? Barely anything.

“My mother worked on the floor of Nabisco Fair Lawn for the better part of 25 years to provide for me and my siblings," said Republican Senate Candidate Rich Garcia. "Unfortunately, that won’t happen for any more Bergen County families. Joe Lagana needs a serious reality check if he thinks his liberal tax and spend policies didn’t lead to this. I’ll be a senator who can keep good paying jobs here in Bergen County and not allow our economy to be poached by more business-friendly environments across the country."


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