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Mazzeo Is On The Clock To Do The Right Thing

The fate of embattled Department of Corrections Commissioner Marcus Hicks is now in the hands of Democrat Vince Mazzeo. Assemblywoman Jean Stanfield led a bipartisan group of lawmakers to introduce AR220, articles of impeachment that have been referred to the Assembly State and Local Government Committee, chaired by Mazzeo. Earlier this week, Mazzeo balked at the opportunity to sponsor Articles of Impeachment for embattled Department of Corrections Commissioner Marcus Hicks. "The spotlight is now squarely on Vince Mazzeo to deliver justice for the countless female victims at Edna Mahan Correctional Facility," said Senate Republican Majority Executive Director Dan Scharfenberger. "It's appalling that this issue isn't a no-brainer to politicians like Vince Mazzeo. You'd think that doing the right thing in this case wouldn't be such a tooth-pulling process." What we do know is that Mazzeo has recently been more interested in seeking higher political office than doing the job he currently has.


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