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Welcome To The Race: Pay-to-Play Influencer Jeff Grayzel

Dan Scharfenberger, Executive Director of New Jersey Senate Republican Majority, released the following statement on the announcement by Morris County Democrats that Jeff Grayzel will be their candidate for State Senate in 2021:

“Morris and Somerset County residents last fall gave Senator Tony Bucco more votes than any candidate in modern New Jersey legislative history. Still, we aren’t taking anything for granted. We welcome Mr. Grayzel into the race and are looking forward to educating voters about why his own Democrat colleague last January blasted the influence of party bosses and pay to play donors that were given free reign under Grayzel’sleadership in Morris Township. Additionally, Grayzel’s support for raising property taxes and calling for annual property tax hikes just two weeks ago, shows he is out of touch and would be a rubber stamp for Phil Murphy’s tax increases.

“Instead, we need public servants like Senator Bucco who are working every day to make New Jersey more affordable and take on the crazy policies of this Administration like giving vaccines to prisoners before seniors and teachers. He’s also been leading efforts to restore the Governor’s funding cuts to Morris County schools, while holding the tax-and-spend Trenton Democrats accountable. We look forward to a spirited campaign.”


• Former Morris Township Committeeman John Arvanites (D) accused his Democratic colleagues including Grayzel, said “outside political influence from the county level and others have influenced our governing body to put individuals into positions because of donations and/or other involvement in campaigns.” (MORRIS NEWS BEE, 1/13/20)

• The New Jersey Globe reported that the County Democrats, which announced Grayzel’s candidacy today, dropped Arvanites as their endorsed candidate last spring after he called “out party leaders on rewarding donors with jobs and contracts.” (Globe, 3/9/20)

• Grayzel as Mayor introduced and supported a property tax hike, and added “going forward, I think we all agree we’re going to come up with a policy… we’re just going to have to go up a little bit every year from now on.” (MORRIS NEWS BEE, 3/21/21)


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